Friday, November 19, 2010

Rejected by The New Yorker

The holidays are rapidly approaching. I thought the image above might make a nice early December cover.

I was wrong. Rejected, once again.

If there is another New York-centric publication that needs a Christmas image or someone looking for a custom Christmas card, let me know, it's available.

UPDATE: I've got prints for sale here as well as iPod and iPhone cases here. Working on finding a place to make greeting cards available.


  1. This Piece is fantastic - would love it as a big print!

  2. So true of typical holiday city life! Such a shame that is was rejected... beautiful piece though.

  3. Why do they always reject the good ones?!

  4. Pete, thanks. Now that I know there's at least a limited market I'm going to put this for sale somewhere. A project for later today of this weekend.

    Thanks Nicole. This was partially inspired by the few people I've seen on the subway with Christmas trees and the first Christmas tree my wife and I got which appeared much smaller outside. Thankfully, we had high ceilings, but it was difficult navigating our rather narrow hall.

    Kyle, I wish I knew. I really liked the twitter cover you did a while back

    Thanks, Daniel