Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What do you love/loathe about your job...Assuming you still have one?

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Mary Beth Cadwell of Storage Magazine on the image above. This piece ran with a salary survey for storage professionals. (That's data storage, not to be confused with storage unit rental) The art itself was incorporated as part of a sidebar/alternative story form listing the most common complaints and praises these men and women have about their jobs. The icons orbiting the figure in the center were picked to represent some of the pros and cons of working in the storage field. These included things like hours, budgets, bonuses, out-dated technology, co-workers, supervisor feedback, problem solving, workload, creativity and opportunity for advancement. Of course, a few of these fell in to both the pro and con category.

In case you were wondering, the job market for storage pros seems to be a bit better than the rest of the population.

And here is the art in sketch form:

This one was rejected.