Saturday, November 17, 2007


NO!SPEC is a web site dedicated to exposing and encouraging creatives to avoid the unethical practice of speculative work.

In no other field are professionals asked to invest time and effort only to be rewarded with the possibility of being paid later. You can't go into a restaurant and pay only if you enjoy your meal. You can't hold a contest for accountants to prepare your taxes and pay ony person who does the "best" job. You won't find a surgeon who will operate on you because you can provide them with "great exposure." Creative individuals shouldn't be offered work this way either.

Any artist, illustrator or designer who values their work should be opposed to speculative work, design "contests", the low paying jobs that offer "great exposure" and. Giving your work away for free or for below market value not only devalues your work, but the work of everyone else in the field. The time spent on spec work, entering logo design "contests" or working for "exposure" would be beter spent on self-promotion, networking or honing your skills.

Whne it comes to doing work without getting paid, follow Nancy Reagan's advice and just say no.

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